June 2023 Meeting


June 2023 Board Meeting Agenda

Financial Statements & Documents

JDS Report Outline to RMC Audit Committee FY22

JDS Governance Report to RMC Audit Committee FY22

JDS Letter to Management to RMC Audit Committee FY22

JDS Internal Controls Report to RMC Audit Committee FY22

Finance Dashboards - March 2023

Preliminary Financial Reports 03-31-23

Projected 2023 Statement of Cash Flow

Staff and Committee Reports

OPS/Finance Staff Report June 2023

Communications Staff Report June 2023

Education Staff Report June 2023

Retail Staff Report June 2023

Stewardship Staff Report June 2023

Philanthropy Staff Report June 2023

Other Documents

Feb 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Philanthropy Major Donor and Membership 2023

Philanthropy Totals and Goals 2023

Philanthropy Totals by Year and Month 2023

Rocky Terraces Schedule of Activities 3-25-23

Rocky Terraces 6-1-23 Borrman Cost Summary

Rocky Terraces Photo 1

Rocky Terraces Photo 2

Rocky Terraces Photo 3

Rocky Terraces Photo 4