Geology of the Western Slope

June 30th, 2018

$80.00 Adult, Non-Member

$72.00 Member

The western part of Rocky offers a grand opportunity to see some of the oldest rocks in Colorado and some beautiful examples of very recent (geologically speaking) glacial features. Learn how geologists interpret the nature and history of the rocks and the processes that created and formed them. Look far back in time and deep into the Earth to understand how metamorphism changed sediments into the 1.75-billion-year-old schists and gneisses that dominate western RMNP’s bedrock. Examine the effects of tectonic forces that began more than 60 million years ago and caused these rocks to be heaved more than two miles above sea level. uu

(CSM credit available)

Meets at the Alpine Visitor Center

Instructor: Keith Graham

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