NEW! The Ghost of Fall River Road

August 12th, 2018

$80.00 Adult, Non-Member

$72.00 Adult, Member

Did you know the west side of the old route of Fall River Road still lies like a phantom between Trail Ridge and Grand Lake? Fall River Road opened in 1920, Rocky’s first through-highway across the Continental Divide. Eclipsed by Trail Ridge Road, it was closed and partly obliterated in the 1930s. After 50 years, Old Fall River Road was reopened to traffic, but only on the east side. Learn the secret history of Old Fall River Road, and discover its ghosts. Retrace the road, from Horseshoe Park to Milner Pass. Learn about the convict cabins, compare historical photos with the landscape today, and discover what happened to this landmark road on the west side.

(CSM credit available)

Instructor: Mary Taylor Young

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