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NEW! Colors of the Kawuneeche: Painting for All Levels

Jun 29, 2019

$72.00 – $80.00

It has been said that color is the “Heart and Soul” of a painting.  This one-day workshop focuses on the color of place as much more than we can see.  We will discuss our reaction to colors and the roles that color dominance, color change, painting warm-to-cool, intensity of color and the use of a limited palette affect the power of a painting.  Color becomes a powerful vehicle for taking the viewer on a journey through your painting.  Color can convey a connection to a forgotten memory or an emotional reaction to a treasured place that goes beyond the colors and shapes in the landscape before you.  Illusions of space can be achieved through an understanding of value, hue, and intensity.  When used with good design, color should become the most personal of all art elements.  Examples and demonstrations with plenty of time to practice will aid your finishing several small (6’x8’) studies to take home to your studio at the end of the day.  Let’s explore together the ways the use of glorious color choices, combined with our individual perception , and good design composed of values and shapes, can bring power to our paintings.

Meets at Trail River Ranch, near Grand Lake

Instructor: Donna Lyons