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NEW! Colors & Their Values: Painting for All Levels

Jun 20, 2020


Value is the lightness and darkness of color and is the most important consideration in your composition. In this one-day class we will briefly renew our understanding of the color wheel and color relationships. Correct value placement in landscape painting will be discussed as well as the four properties of color: hue, intensity, temperature, value and how both color and value work together to construct a painting. Using “color-finders” and “value-finders” we will be able to interpret the landscape through the lightness and darkness of the colors we see to construct a good composition. In addition to demonstrations, we will create a small color-chart for our use when we paint one or two pieces that demonstrate our understanding of how we can control our color through values, rather than having our color use control us. Traditional painting methods stressed the application of tones and establishing value patterns on the paper or canvas before applying color. Perhaps a more exciting way to start is to compose in color from the beginning.

Meets at Trail River Ranch

Instructor: Donna Lyons