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NEW! Drawing for Painters

Jul 18 - Jul 19, 2020


A strong drawing is the backbone of a good painting. Early summer is a great time to brush up on your drawing skills to make your paintings stronger and better. Practice your skills and try something new! Relationships of shapes, values and perspective in painting, which determine the strength or weakness of the composition in your work, will be discussed and explored. With plenty of practice time, you will become more confident in drawing and experimenting with edges, shapes, values, composition and design. You will go home with eagerness to get started on that next painting. Students will work with a variety of formats and sizes of paper while working under the inspiration of the Kawuneeche Valley.

Concerns about color are eliminated with this class, as all our work will be done with pencil, charcoal, ink-pen, markers, Lamp Black watercolor and a brush.

Meets at Trail River Ranch

Instructor: Donna Lyons