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NEW! The Art & Science of Photographing Wildlife

Sep 18 - Sep 20, 2020


Making excellent and artful wildlife photographs in nature is a challenge that requires a combination of technical knowledge, good environmental conditions, knowledge of animal behavior, and the patience and skills to see and capture a “decisive moment” of animals living and interacting in the environment. This course will provide the knowledge foundation of these requirements for photographers of all experience levels and will include the important topics of equipment use and the technical knowledge needed as well as the important creative aspects of composition and the use of light that are essential in making an excellent photograph. We will explore the various environments and ecosystems of Rocky Mountain National Park from forests and meadows to alpine tundra and discuss and practice acceptable methods for approaching the wildlife subjects we may find. The ultimate course goal is to further participant’s knowledge, development and enjoyment in the art of making excellent wildlife images.

Meets at the Field Institute

Instructor: Stephen Weaver