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Tracking Wildlife in Rocky: Signs of Creatures Big & Small

May 8, 2020


A story exists all around us as we walk through the woods. Animals use the same area we do, but often go unnoticed since much of their activity occurs off trails, at night, or early or late in the day.  Do you know how to read the signs they leave behind?  If not, this class is for you.  Walking through the woods, along streams and in meadows we will look for animals and their signs, visit den sites used by bobcats, fox, coyote, and other animals and nests used by birds.  From a distance if the road is open to Rainbow Curve we will look at the habitat black bears use to select their dens.  Participates will be surprised by the abundance of sign left behind by our furred and feathered friends.  The class will also provide a better understanding of community ecology and dynamics relative to hierarchical structure and trophic cascades.

CSM Credit Available

Meets at the RMC Field Institute

Instructor: Jeff Connor