BOCES Threads

Please bear with us as we work to update our BOCES Threads for 2023!

The threads listed below give an outline of our 2020 program but do not necessarily represent what Rocky Mountain Conservancy will offer in coming years. Thank you for you patience!


BOCES Threads 2020

Thread A:  Mammals (4 Units)
21-March Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West (.5) Jared Gricoskie
11-July North American Bears: Ecology, Behavior & Evolution (.5) W. Perry Conway
24-July Bats of Colorado & RMNP (.5) Jeremy Siemers
25-July Bighorn Sheep: Ecology& Management (.5) Jeff Connor
1-Aug The Persevering Pika: Secrets of Alpine Survival (.5) Chris Ray
15-Aug The History of Moose in RMNP (.5) Jeff Connor
22-23-Aug Mountain Lion: RMNP’s Top Predator (1) Caroline Crumm and Don Hunter


Thread B:  Birds (3 Units)
1-May North with the Spring: Bird Migration (.5) Jeff Maugans
22-May Owls of Rocky Mountain National Park (.5) Jeff Maugans
31-May Birding RMNP by Ear (.5) Nathan Pieplow
5-June Hunters of the Wind: Eagles, Hawks, & Falcons (.5) W. Perry Conway
27-28- June Birding the Lifezones (1) Jeff Maugans


Thread C:  Flowers/Plants/Fungi (6 Units)
30-May The Surprising World of Lichens (.5) Jennifer Frazer
6-June Early Wildflowers of RMNP (.5) Leanne Benton
7-June Spring Mushrooms & Fungi (.5) Jon Sommer
13-June Untangling the Mystery of RMNP Native Orchids (.5) Marlene Borneman
27-28 June Wildflowers of RMNP (1) Leanne Benton
11-July Rocky Mountain Riparian Plant Ecology, Identification, & Physiology (.5) Isabel Schroeter
25-26-July Grasses of RMNP (1) Denise Culver
1-Aug Wetland Plants of RMNP (.5) Denise Culver
8-Aug Wild Mushrooms & Fungi of RMNP (.5) Jon Sommer
15-Aug Edible & Medicinal Plants of RMNP (.5) Leanne Benton


Thread D:  History/Anthropology (2.5 Units)
29-May or 12-June Estes Valley: History & Historic Sites (.5) Curt Buchholtz
13-June Boundaries, Borders, & Terrains: An Indigenous Telling of the Rockies (.5) Doreen Martinez, Ph.D
8-9 Aug Phantoms: The Hidden History of RMNP (1) Mary Taylor Young
16-Aug Anna Wolfrom Dove & the Wigwam Tea Room (.5) Nina Kunze


Thread  E:  Ecology (1.5 Unit)
9-May Fire in Ecosystems: Friend or Foe (.5) Dr. Scott Franklin
22-May There’s More to This Place Than Meets the Eye: 100 Years of Environmental Change (.5) Deanna Laurel
10-July The Amazing Alpine Tundra: A Land of Extremes (.5) Dr. Scott Franklin