BOCES Threads

BOCES Threads 2019


Thread A:  Mammals  (4 Units)
23-March Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West (.5) Jared Gricoskie
13-July North American Bears: Ecology, Behavior & Evolution (.5) W. Perry Conway
26-July Bats of Colorado & RMNP (.5) Jeremy Siemers
27-July Bighorn Sheep: Ecology& Management (.5) Jeff Connor
17-Aug The History of Moose in RMNP (.5) Jeff Connor
17-18-Aug Mountain Lion: RMNP’s Top Predator (1) Caroline Crumm and Don Hunter
31-Aug The Persevering Pika: Secrets of Alpine Survival (.5) Chris Ray



Thread B:  Birds (3.5 Units)
3-May North with the Spring: Bird Migration (.5) Jeff Maugans
17-May Owls of Rocky Mountain National Park (.5) Jeff Maugans
1-June North American Eagles (.5) W. Perry Conway
21-June Birding RMNP by Ear (.5) Nathan Pieplow
29-30- June Birding the Lifezones (1) Jeff Maugans
6-July Birds of the Kawuneeche Valley (.5) Jeff Maugans



Thread C:  Geology (1 Unit)
22-June The Glacial & Geologic History of Rocky’s West Side (.5) Keith Graham
20-July Glaciers in Rocky (.5) Dr. David Lindsey



Thread D:  Flowers/Plants/Fungi (4 Units)
11-May The Surprising World of Lichens (.5) Jennifer Frazer
1-June Early Wildflowers of RMNP (.5) Leanne Benton
7-June and 3-Aug Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Rockies: Plants for Hunger & Health (.5 for each day) Abby Schreiber
     8-June Untangling the Mystery of RMNP Native Orchids (.5) Marlene Borneman
29-30 June Wildflowers of RMNP (1) Leanne Benton
13-July Alpine Wildflowers (.5) Abby Schreiber
10-Aug Wild Mushrooms & Fungi of RMNP (.5) Jon Sommer



Thread E:  History/Anthropology (2.0 Units)
18 and 31-May Estes Valley: History & Historic Sites (.5) Curt Buchholtz
15-June “Uppity” Women of the Rockies (.5) Jan Robertson
22-23 June Phantoms: The Primordial, Prehistoric, & Hidden History of RMNP (1) Mary Taylor Young



Thread  F:  Ecology (1 Unit)
3-May There’s More to This Place Than Meets the Eye: 100 Years of Environmental Change (.5) Deanna Laurel
4-May 14-April Fire in Ecosystems: Friend or Foe (.5) Dr. Scott Franklin