Calling All Non-Millionaires

The Next Generation Fund is a $10 million endowment fund that will be the lifeline between our children, nature and Rocky Mountain National Park. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to help. Here are 19 creative ways you can support the next generation of park stewards. Of course, millionaires are welcome to help, too.

  1. Be a Next Generation Fund Champion: Get involved with the park and generate enthusiasm and connection to the park by encouraging others to get involved, too!
  2. Offer In-Kind Support: If you have something to offer that can benefit the Next Generation Fund campaign, or other in-kind support, let us know!
  3. Network with others – spread the word and see where it goes. Networking with others is a proven way to increase exposure and potential benefits to the effort.
  4. Come visit the park with a class, friends and family. Getting into the park and having fun is the best way to make a connection with the incredible scenery, the wildlife and the beautiful flowers that enhance every experience in the park.
  5. Host a fundraising party. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact the Rocky Mountain Conservancy at (970) 586-0108 x11.
  6. Help with mailings! If you live near Estes Park, consider joining our volunteer mailing team. We have fun and get the jobs done quickly!
  7. Be a steward and model positive environmental behavior wherever you are. This is always the best way to encourage others to follow suit.
  8. Become a corporate sponsor. For details on Next Generation Fund’s corporate sponsorship program, contact the Rocky Mountain Conservancy at (970) 586-0108 x11.
  9. Donate: $10M can fund the park’s programs in perpetuity and assure that children receive the most progressive and high caliber learning opportunities for decades to come. Every little bit helps us toward that goal!


Donate Now


The following are ways to help that require little time or effort but can bring tremendous benefit to the Next Generation Fund, children and Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can make a difference right now!


  1. Make a tax-deductible gift from your IRA to the Next Generation Fund. It’s easy and can benefit you as well.
  2. Make an annual gift to the Next Generation Fund for the next three years that can perpetuate critical park learning experiences and programs.  Every gift, regardless of size, helps.
  3. Send us your Rocky Mountain National Park story and photographs. They might end up on our website!
  4. Act as an ambassador and share your love of Rocky Mountain National Park; encourage friends and family members to visit the park.
  5. Create a memorial gift to the Next Generation Fund.
  6. Give the wonders of nature to a child by visiting parks often, making parks a significant part of their lives.
  7. Identify potential donors to the Next Generation Fund endowment fund. Tell them how they can help, too!
  8. Consider including the Next Generation Fund in your will and estate planning.
  9. Contact the Rocky Mountain Conservancy at (970) 586-0108 if you have any questions on how you can help!