Ecology of North American Bears

Itching to learn more about the bears of North America and Rocky Mountain National Park? Veteran naturalist and wildlife photographer Perry Conway presents this in-depth course on bear ecology and […]

Geology of Trail Ridge Road – Almost full!

The foundation of Rocky Mountain National Park's awe-inspiring views is its bedrock! Join us to learn about how the park's geology shapes its majestic landscapes. Register now, there are only […]

Geology of the Fall River & Big Thompson Valleys

Curious about how the interaction between rock and water has shaped the eastern side of Rocky Mountain National Park? Join noted geologist David Lindsey for this informative exploration of the […]

Exploring the Ecosystems and Wildlife of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is host to a diverse range of unique ecosystems, from sunny montane meadows to windswept tundra expanses. Get to know each special place up close with us! When you think about Rocky, do you dream of marmots on the wide open tundra? Or the quiet of steep conifer forests? Or trout-filled […]

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