Youth Stewardship

Nature. Pass it on.

Passing the stewardship of Rocky Mountain National Park on to our children is a task as big as our signature mountains. We need your support to build and maintain a connection between our children, nature and our beautiful park.

In order to meet these challenges, there are two parts to the Next Generation Fund:

  • A “working” fund, which provides more than $500,000 annually for program support
  • And an endowment fund that will eventually support these programs in perpetuity.

Through the Next Generation Fund, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy is setting out to capture the hearts, minds and funding necessary to secure the future of the educational programs at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Average Annual need: $500,000



Next Generation Fund Featured Programs

Kids are the key to our future. The Next Generation Fund ensures the future of the following park programs:

Junior Rangers

Since 1993, this program has encouraged children and their families to explore and experience the National Parks with age-appropriate activities.

1.1.1 Junior Rangers

Environmental Education

Heart of the Rockies, a successful, curriculum-based educational program, serves more than 8,000 students annually through class outings and offsite outreach visits.

Environmental Tour