Running Wild: Adventures of Two Raindrops


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published by Rocky Mountain Nature Association (Rocky Mountain Conservancy)
One summer afternoon, a booming thundershower sweeps across the high peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Two tiny raindrops, Rainy and Splash, fall through the stormy sky, coming to a gentle landing on two sides of a high ridge called the Continental Divide. In an instant, gravity pulls the two raindrops in different directions, sending them on exciting cross-country journeys to separate oceans.

This charming book invites kids along on the adventures of two raindrops that land on the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautifully illustrated, the full-color book takes the raindrops on a series of adventures as they travel toward the Pacific and Atlantic oceans down the Colorado, Cache la Poudre, Platte, Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Ages 3-12, softcover, 36 pages