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RMNP License Plate Available January 1, 2016

Thanks to the overwhelming support of thousands of Colorado residents, the Rocky Mountain National Park Group Special License Plate will soon be a reality. The plate was approved by the Colorado Senate by a vote of 27 to 8 on May 6, 2015. The bill was sponsored by Senator Randy Baumgardner and Representative K.C. Becker. The Conservancy will administer this group special license plate which will be available to Colorado-registered vehicle owners. It will not replace the standard Colorado state license plate, but will be a voluntary fundraising option through the State’s Group Special Plate program. The effort coincides with the ongoing celebration of Rocky Mountain National Park’s Centennial.

In addition to the usual fees imposed by the state for a special plate, the qualifying donation to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy (the park’s official fundraising partner organization) will be $30. 100% of the funds generated, estimated at thousands of dollars annually, will directly support Rocky Mountain National Park.


RMNP Group Special License Plate FAQ’s

When will the plates be available?
We will begin accepting donations for the plates on January 1, 2016.

How much will they cost?
The required minimum donation to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy is $30 per vehicle. (Note: this covers a set of two plates that are required in Colorado for each vehicle.) Donations must be specific to the license plate program and may not be combined with membership dues or other/earlier donations. Each set of plates requires a separate donation with unique vehicle title and registration information included. Please note that the DMV will assess two additional $25 fees for specialty plates ($50). All license plate donations are non-refundable.

How do I make my donation?*
Please visit our website (available January 1, 2016). To make a gift over the phone, please call 970-586-0108. If you prefer standard mail, you must include the name on the vehicle title or registration and mail checks made out to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy – RMNP License Plate to:

Rocky Mountain Conservancy
Attn: License Plate
PO Box 3100
Estes Park, CO 80517

*PLEASE NOTE: Our offices and Nature Stores are not equipped to take walk-in donations.

Do my Rocky Mountain Conservancy Membership dues count as a donation that I can use for the plate?
No, they do not. Donations must be specific to the license plate program and may not be combined with membership dues or other/earlier donations.

How do I get the plates?
Make a minimum $30 one-time donation to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy’s License Plate Program. We will then issue you an original approval certificate by mail (please allow 10 business days for processing). Please note: We cannot issue your certificate while you wait.

To obtain your plate, present your original approval certificate to your county motor vehicle office. Your county motor vehicle office will assess two $25.00 one-time fees in addition to regular taxes and registration fees. All fees are due at the time of registration.

The plate will be part of Print-on-Demand program for which the plate is not kept in inventory. Once the plate is requested, it is then mailed to the customer. This program helps to limit the experience to a one-time visit of the DMV and allows the customer to request any plate.

To apply for a personalized license plate (please be aware that the center logo will not appear if the Rocky Mountain National Park license plate is personalized), please complete DR 2810 – Personalized License Plate Application. Upon completion, submit your application, along with the original Conservancy-approval certificate, to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Registrations, Denver, Colorado 80261-0016.

When your personalized plate is approved, you will receive a billing notice requesting payment of the processing fee. Your local county motor vehicle office will notify you in approximately 3 months that your plate is available to register your vehicle. The county will assess regular taxes and registration fees, due at the time of registration. The department will not honor a change of choice or spacing, or a request for refund after payment has been received.

Note: this certificate will be retained by the county upon issuance of the license plate or approval for a personalized plate.

Can I get an RMNP plate for my motorcycle?
Yes. The process is the same.

How will my minimum $30 RMNP plate donation be used?
The donations will go to a specific License Plate Fund. Use will be determined by Rocky Mountain National Park and the Rocky Mountain Conservancy Board of Directors.

How much of my donation will go to RMNP?
100% of donations to the RMNP License Plate program will go to Rocky Mountain National Park.

If you have additional questions, please call the Rocky Mountain Conservancy: 970-586-0108

Thank you for your support!